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A 23-year-old Artemis wannabe.
A green witch and ecologist located in the marshes of the mitten state.
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Woman speaks out against misogynistic abuse and is met with misogynistic abuse from men who believe misogynistic abuse doesn’t exist and that she should stop making them look bad.



Faun Traveller (by Rabbit Heart)

At the beginning of September I made a new set of antlers for Porcelain Doll shop…and while I was taking photos of them I dressed up a bit =)

♥ more photos on my blog ♥

Anonymous said: Hi, I was thinking of opening an etsy/storevny with homemade soy candles but I was just wondering how you make the labels for your salve jars. Are they sticker pages in a printer?


That’s the at home way of doing it and for a while I did that but it didn’t suit my needs due the variety of products and their sizes. Plus I’m not much of an artist. So I use vistaprint for all my printing primarily because they’re cheap, have deals often, and I can print business cards and such there as well. Buying stock paper and printer ink costs me just as much when I did the math but your printer might be cheaper so you might want to play with both options and do the numbers.

If you’re going for the eco-friendly appeal, think about using washable labels like the ones from Ball (as in the mason jar company). I use them on my scrubs so my customers can wash the label off and use the jar again.

On this train of thought, I’ll actually be changing my labels for TCC in a few months once I’m happy with the logo art to allow me to add more handwriting to the labels as well (to make it more aesthetically pleasing since I hand-write the expiration dates and ounces in)

Best of luck!

Anonymous said: So if these are all the shitty books you review, what books would you recommend to a newcomer to witchcraft?


I recommend that newcomers read several different genres - like Mythology, Folklore, Geography, History, Philosophy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Social Issues, Anthropological issues, Academic Criticism, Critical Reading, Discussions on Persuasive Writing techniques, etc etc.

Mostly because what’s going to happen for new comers is that they are going to find themselves a little lost in talking with people and reading these kinds of materials. If they already have a good structure in these other areas - good structure meaning like basic knowledge, then they can read through things that don’t make sense and filter out information easier than say someone who doesn’t understand how certain things were formed. Plus it’s a lot easier to try to see where the authors or the people that are talking to them don’t know information.

Plus there are a lot of things which get into witchcraft just on the outskirts of it, like Folklore for example. There are a lot of people that read through various kinds of folklore and pull away examples of witchcraft or folk magic or any other items that may be related to a magical practice.

These are all things in general that newcomers might appreciate having the basics in. Now how I learned to do witchcraft was through experimenting and talking with people - mostly online but irl as well - not with talking directly with books. People tend to be able to give you their experiences and give you insight about how to do things.

Fuck I just talked to someone last week about how to do a thing I ain’t never done on purpose before. These are all important things do keep up and go with when learning about a new practice. It’s not just the literature, it’s also the actual physical people doing it. Which is why on my main blog, I tend to encourage asking [not that it happens a lot] but it’s one of the biggest things that really got me start in witchcraft was asking. 

So do I have any new age books that I can recommend to newcomers? No. Not at this point. I am really hopeful that I can find materials for people to read. 

Do I say don’t read any of the books I’ve reviewed here? Definitely not [minus Morrison and Seth Cardawhatever the fuck his name is]. I think people should reread these books in their own place and setting. I may not have picked up on all the shittiness or I may not have addressed key points here. But I don’t think newcomers should spend a lot of time wallowing in the bullshit of the new age section either. It’s up to them how they decide to consume the materials. But I think it’s best to start with the base materials and then dig into these other things if that’s what they want to do.



People who use a lack of education to justify subjecting poor people to poverty are fucking revolting. They’ve invented a system wherein poor people cannot obtain a quality education because they are poor and then they use that lack of education to justify their continued poverty. It’s self-sustaining, vile, oppressive, and a fundamental tenet of modern American conservativism.

It isn’t that men haven’t been called to the conversation, but rather that they’ve constantly rejected the invitation. Men have consistently and deliberately turned to women in feminist movements and said that their concerns are not urgent, or important, or even real. They’ve sought ways to blame women for the oppression they face, or in the most charitable version of events, attempted to derail conversations by saying, “The real issue is…” Some men flat out deny there is a problem at all, while some of even the self-proclaimed progressive men try to find ways to again center men in the fight for equality and justice.

And here lies another issue. Even the men willing to come to the table after accepting the invitation often refuse to be made uncomfortable. There’s no progress to be had if in order to get men engaged they are allowed to remain ensconced in their privilege. That defeats the purpose. The necessary work of feminist movement will challenge men to understand their complicity and require them to complete very difficult tasks. That’s what revolution is.

Feminism shouldn’t make men comfortable (via brutereason)


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Pre-Reaping, by Ms. Graveyard Dirt (I & II)

Beneath a threadbare pussy willow the sacrificial god-king - represented by ritually grown’n’sown wheat, a crucified Christ (whose crown was created from a lock of my hair) and Stone Cock - awaits his annual fate in Gothel’s Garden™.

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